Preparing for Speed Bumps

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wouldn't be nice if life presented signs? Speed bumps ahead! We could prepare the way we do for the arrival of a new baby, making meals ahead, asking for help from others, choosing our activities carefully each day, and deep cleaning the house over and over again. The truth is, most bumps in life do not come with a warning. We're speeding along just fine and before we have time to react, we're slamming on the brakes. Unfortunately, those warning signs are not always present.

What if we change our way of thinking? What if instead of waiting for life to throw us off track and then getting upset over losing progress, we instead stay in constant prepared mode? For me, my medical concerns are what throws me off track the most. Strike that! My medical concerns are what I let throw me off track.

This time, my daughter and I ended up with Scarlet Fever but in the past it's been everything from my Fibromyalgia flaring, migraines that left half my body numb, kidney problems, to pneumonia. Could I just keep plugging along and exercising through these things? In most cases, no. But there are things I can do to continue my progress through those times. I can prepare ahead.

1. Stock your kitchen with lot of healthy foods. Be sure to keep easy to prepare items on hand for when you do not feel like cooking. One of our go to quick meals is a Southwest Salad prepared with avocado, corn, tomatoes, and black beans served over lettuce or spinach. Super easy and delicious.

2. Avoid stocking your home with comfort foods. I'll be the first to admit that when I don't feel well, I just want ooey gooey comfort foods. It's easy for me to turn to food to comfort my other pains. Truth of the matter is that many times, it's those same foods that cause these pain reactions in the first place. Not only am I risking gaining weight while I am down, I'm also delaying my recovery.

3. Water, water, water! I cannot stress the importance of water enough, especially when you're stressed or not feeling well...or any other time! Not only does water help prevent illness, but it'll also help flush toxins when you are ill.

4. Do not get too behind on your household obligations. I hate writing this one as much as you hate reading it. But let's face it, as hard as it is to keep up with the house when you're knocked down, it's even worse if that house is already a wreck. Next time the chores seem tedious, just tell yourself that you're doing it so that if something happens or you fall ill, it won't be as difficult later. Plus your house will be ready in case the in laws swing in as a surprise.

5. Find other ways to keep going. Can't exercise because you're sick? Eat better, reduce your calorie intake and increase your water intake. Can't eat well because ___? Find ways to keep moving and drink that water!

6. If all else fails, enlist the help of a friend or a family member. And don't beat yourself up.

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