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Sunday, January 13, 2013

That Arthletic Girl

After a very long hiatus, I am back and better than ever! I apologize to my readers for disappearing off the face of the earth without an explanation. Mid October, I suddenly had the right side of my body go numb. I lost the ability to walk unassisted. I lost my sanity while be stuck at home, unable to drive. It lasted for over two months before showing any improvement. I underwent much testing only for the doctors to come up with no answers. With time, however, feeling slowly started to flood back into my body and I began regaining function. I still have patches of numbness the migrate through my right side, but it is no more than an annoyance. I am excited to say that I have not gained any weight (woohoo!) while I was down. I have an appointment tomorrow to get measured so I will have a base line for the future.

Getting healthy doesn't require fancy equipment or special clothes. You don't need an expensive gym membership or even hand weights if you decide to work out at home (seriously, soup cans will do!) but you need motivation and LOTS of it! A great place to find that motivation is by figuring out what will get you excited about a new routine.

This time around, I went exactly against the "You don't need..." mantra because I needed that extra boost. I felt like if I spent money on new stuff, I'd use it. I recognize that's not true for everyone though.

Over the past couple of weeks most of my shopping (for fun) has been centered around fitness. I bought myself a new gym bag, toiletries, a pilates ball, a fitness journal, a couple of fitness dvds, new gym clothes, and even new head phones. In a lot of ways it, was completely unnecessary, however the fact that it got me psyched up is important!

My point is, find what gets you psyched up whether it be buying new stuff, setting goals, finding a gym buddy, working towards a reward, or whatever and go for it!

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