I am Not a Lunch Lady...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of my biggest motivators is my daughter. Right now she's just two, but I want to be here to watch her children get married. I want to run around with her, jump rope, ride bikes, and any other active activity she gets interested in. I want to keep up.

I never want her to be ashamed of me because of my weight. I don't want kids at her school to tease her because of my size. 

This has already been one of my motivators for a long time. 

But then I watched Glee's season premier.

Screen Cap
Glee has this kind of backhanded way of offering acceptance. Let's have the most stereotypical gay people ever! Let's add in a girl with asperger's and make her say completely inappropriate things just because she's an aspy! Let's add a kid in a wheelchair but let's not actually choose a disabled actor, it'll be more fun if we can make him miraculously dance sometimes! It's like they think that if they include these people in the show, it means they're accepting, even if in reality they're actually making fun of them.

This past episode, included a new girl who's mother is the school lunch lady. And of course, because that's the way Glee rolls; she's overweight, plain, and poor. Mom parks a few blocks away so no one will see her teenage daughter getting in the car with her. They've changed schools because kids at the previous school alienated the daughter because of mom's weight. Our usually "accepting" New Directions members are riding a popularity high from winning Nationals (last season) take part in making extremely cruel jokes. 

It was a rough episode for me. It was too easy to place myself in the role of the lunch lady mom. One of my biggest fears. While I don't always agreed with Glee's method of introducing tolerance, I am glad I saw this tear jerking episode. I love how the daughter was so excepting and loving towards her mother. Maybe I should print out the above screen shot as a personal reminder of my goals.


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