Non Scale Victories

Sunday, September 9, 2012

When you're focused on weight loss, as I am now, it's easy to get caught up in the numbers that appear each day on the scale. It can be discouraging and in the past has made me give up. That is why I decided to only weigh and measure myself once a month, rather than EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ok, three times a day. For real. After a while, the scale becomes this unhealthy focus and you give up without ever taking the time to notice all the positive changes in your body.

It's been about three weeks now since I started focusing on my exercise (striking what I was doing before my kidney episode) and ignoring the scale has forced me to pay attention to the other changes in my body. And let me tell you, I am so amazing, impressed, and PROUD of what my body is doing!

Robert noticed that my favorite jeans are becoming loose around my thighs, waist, and hips.

My hips bones stick out more and my abdomen beneath my belly button is flatter. 

I still have pain that requires medication after most hard work outs. But the pain during the work outs has gotten a lot better. I'm no longer watching the clock in pain.

My endurance has improved greatly. When I returned to the gym after my kidney infection, I was struggling just to finish 15 minutes on the bike. By the time I was done I was covered in sweat, out of breath, and my heart rate was all over the place. Today, I completed 60 minutes and 11 miles on the bike doing intervals. I have never been on a stationary bike that long in my life! Aside from a numb butt and feet, it wasn't too bad. After about five minutes my legs had loosened back up and I wasn't completely worn out from it.

My strength training weights have increased significantly. Some of them have gone up as much as 70 lbs. I love being behind someone and seeing that I'm able to lift heavier weights than most. 

My energy level has increased greatly. I might be tired a lot still, but I'm able to get things done. Because of this, I've been able to enjoy fun days out with my family and still work out later in the day. 

You better believe these changes are very motivating! I'm excited for my next round of measurements and hope you are too!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! So proud of you!!

Kim G said...

Yay! Keep up the good work! When you're teady, I'll get you some more DG2's

Kim G said...

Yay! Keep up the good work! When you're teady, I'll get you some more DG2's

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