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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I am aware that many of you probably think I have given up. The truth of the matter is that I switched tracks completely. My goal, all along has been to get healthy. Losing weight is just one of the things I feel is necessary for me to become a healthier version of me. 

Since my last post, I have battled more kidney issues, migraines, two episodes of bronchitis, and pneumonia. I took this as a sign from my body that watching my calories and exercising just wasn't enough. Although it slowed my weight loss progress, I decided to start focusing more on my physical pain. 

Over the past year, I have ditched many of my medications and have began to manage my pain through more natural resources. I was able to get off of eight different prescriptions and only have one left to go. My need to take something to help with my pain has diminished from several times a week down to once every couple of weeks. My pain is in no means gone, it never will be, but I have learned to manage with vitamins, hot showers and baths, cutting out foods that cause pain, and gentle exercise. 

Although I am no longer on a migraine preventative, I only experience migraines 2-3 times a month compared to the 3-4 a week I was having. I no longer have daily headaches...period. 

I have given up beef, pork, dairy, white sugar, white flour, and potatoes. I will be the first to admit that I do give in to the sugar and flour once in a while, but I've been pretty good about living without. Eating out is extremely frustrating, but that's ok! Eating out has become a big downfall of mine and is a bad habit I need to break for my health anyhow. 

Since changing my diet, ditching the medications, and adding in vitamins, I have seen changes in not only my pain levels, but also my mood, my depression, and my energy levels. 

Another added bonus, is that by cutting out medications, the doctors that prescribe them (I was seeing FOUR specialists), and eating out I am able to save unspeakable amounts of money. I could do that math to prove my point, but it makes me feel sick to think about how much I was spending on these things.

I've given medical intervention a solid try, it only made me sicker. Instead, I'm giving living healthy my all. It's paying off!

Now, if you read this and wondered what this track jumping did for my weight, here's your answer. I have not gained a single pound. I am still down 10-15 lbs (depending on the day) from my starting weight and down 1-2 sizes. 

This year has a lot of great things in store for me and I cannot wait to share my progress each step of the way!


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